How Wingman Works

What is Wingman for Dance?

The Wingman program is a youth-led, social and emotional learning program of team-bonding/trust-building activities inspiring children to be more empathetic, courageous and inclusive young leaders. Wingman for Dance is designed for the dance industry environment.

    What are social and emotional skills and why should I teach/learn them? 

    According to the National Mentoring Resource Center, “Social-emotional (SE) skills include the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for youth to recognize and control their emotions and behaviors; establish and maintain positive relationships; make responsible decisions and solve challenging situations; and set and achieve positive goals. Sometimes labeled as 21st century skills, soft skills, non-cognitive skills, or character attributes, social and emotional skills have been shown to be malleable and linked to academic, career, and life success.  Based on this evidence, promoting these skills in young people has become a priority for both schools and after school settings.”

    What topics are covered in Wingman team-building activities?

    • Wingman Core Values
    • Getting To Know You
    • Respect & Teamwork
    • Understanding and Practicing Growth & Challenge Mindset
    • Gratitude, Giving Back and Community Service
    • Self-Acceptance, Awareness, Confidence & Efficacy
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Reflection, Expression and Positive Communication with others
    • Empathy, Recognizing and Responding to Emotions
    • The Importance of Peer Recognition and Support


    How do I use Wingman activities? 

    Wingman activities are done once a month for 10-15 minutes in all of your dance classes. But that's not all. Wingman team-bonding/trust-building activities are helpful for connecting with your whole community. Use them during rehearsals, competition team intensives, summer camp, teacher & parent meetings. 


    I'm too busy! How do I make this work in my studio?

    Wingman is, ideally, a youth-led program. You will choose a Wingman Teen Leader Team of 4-6 teens (7th-12th grade) that will lead Wingman for Dance activities at your studio - so you don’t have to. Also, choose 2 adult Mentor Champions to meet with the Teen Leader Team once a month to prepare them for presenting the next month’s activities. The Teen Leader Team will lead the younger students in the Wingman experiential activities.

    This has multiple positive effects. The younger children are learning Wingman activities through role models they can easily emulate. The Teen Leaders are learning through leading activities and are held to a “role model” standard by practicing what they are presenting in and around the studio. And just like any other dance technique, students are learning from each other and growing together as a whole each year with consistent repetition.


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