Youth Leadership Experience & Certification

“It is said that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings on one side of the planet can cause a hurricane on the other side -  or - one small act can have a significant and powerful impact” - the butterfly effect

Wingman Trainers spend the day at your studio and guide your entire dance community through team-building/trust-building activities and community discussions that inspire: 
  • Core Values
  • Gratitude
  • Empathy
  • Resilience
  • Challenge mindset
  • Positive decision-making

The Wingman Youth Leadership Experience Certification includes: 

  • A 6-hr Teen Workshop
  • A 2-hr staff and parent workshop
  • Team-building activity kit w/all props & materials
  • Youth Leadership Experience Manual
  • Teen Leaders receive butterfly pins & t-shirt (up to 6)
  • All teen attendees receive Youth Leadership Experience Level I Certificates
  • And more...!

Wingman Scholarship Opportunity: 

  1. YLE Level I - complete 6 hour YLE workshop 
  2. YLE Level II - complete 1 year as a Teen Leader 
  3. YLE Level III - complete online workshop 
  4. YLE Level IV - complete 2nd year as a Teen Leader and become eligible for Wingman Youth Leadership Scholarship

 IMPORTANT NOTE: BEFORE registering, please schedule a CALL HERE to reserve your workshop dates. 

Wingman partners with DOUBLE GOOD, gourmet popcorn with a purpose, to help you raise money for your Youth Leadership Experience so your event is FREE for all attendees.

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