YLE - Teen Leader Certification:  7th-12 graders

YLE - Teen Leader Certification: 7th-12 graders

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All TEENS welcome to this FUN 4-hour positivity-generating, inclusion-focused workshop! WINGMAN TRAINERS come to your studio to share the Wingman story and lead your 7-12th graders through team-building/trust-building activities and discussion topics helping them understand themselves and each other better while inspiring them to go above and beyond for others.

Each teen participant that successfully completes this 4 hr workshop receives their YLE Certification/Level I and becomes eligible to apply for scholarships at YLE Certification/Level IV. 

A minimum of 20 teens are needed to run this workshop. 

We encourage any and all 7-12th graders in your studio to participate rather than it being a competition team only event as this will create a greater senses of inclusion, positivity and unity within your studio. 

*Any teen interested in being part of your studio's Teen Leader Team (4-5 teens per studio recommended) must attend this certification workshop and are volunteering to lead Wingman activities in your studio for the entire school year.

IMPORTANT NOTE: BEFORE registering, please complete INQUIRY FORM HERE and schedule a one-on-one call to plan your workshop dates.